Appeals Lodged Against Freezing MB Leaders’ Assets
Appeals Lodged Against Freezing MB Leaders’ Assets
Wednesday, March 7,2007 00:00

MB lawyers lodged appeals to challenge the regime’s unjustified decision of freezing assets of Muslim Brotherhood leaders.
Lawyers for Muslim Brotherhood leaders lodged on Tuesday at noon a number of appeals against the Egyptian regime’s decision of freezing assets of 29 MB leaders and denying their wives and children access to money or bank accounts .
Lawyer Mostafa Al Demeiri told Ikhwanweb that the defense team lodged four appeals against the rulings and measures related to freezing money of 29 MB leaders; the first appeal, he added, was against the ruling of Cairo Criminal Court (south) headed by counselor Adel Abdul Salam; Abdul Salam’s ruling has been challenged in front of the Court of Cassation for his violating many legal proofs and ignoring the conclusive evidence presented by the defence team to proves that the frozen assets are prive properties of individuals apart from the group’s assets.
Al Demeiri added that the Muslim Brotherhood group will take all legal procedures to lift the Egyptian regime’s injustice and groundless charges against MB leaders.