"Narfud" Student Campaign Against Constitutional Amendments
Monday, March 5,2007 00:00
By Abd Mon’em Mahmoud
MB Students Fight Constitutional Amendments Through ’Narfud’
Muslim Brotherhood students in Egyptian universities launched "Narfud" (we refuse), a new campaign for refusing the constitutional amendments proposed by the Egyptian President to the People’s Assembly and Shura Council (the upper and lower chambers of parliament).
The students said in a statement:" These amendments, that the regime wants to add to the constitution, introduce new means and methods for deforming and distorting the Islamic identity of our country, marginalizing the Egyptian well-reputed judges to punish them for backing justice and exposing vote-rigging during 2005 elections. These amendments make a flagrant discrimination among citizens who are equal in rights and duties and are equal even in the oppression of the current autocratic regime".
The campaign which the students launched declared its rejection to the main axes that the regime plans to ratify in these amendments; the MB students reject the monopoly of power, abusing dignity of the Egyptian citizen, sidelining judges and the separation between the state and religion.
The statement called on all Egyptian students, writers, women, scholars, scientists, workers and intellectuals to join their campaign to fight these amendments that aim at, not serving Egypt, but at establishing the domination of one single person over the capabilities of Egypt.