4 MB Leaders in Alexandria Arrested Again
4 MB Leaders in Alexandria Arrested Again
Monday, March 5,2007 00:00

The Egyptian State Security Service gave a deaf ear to a court ruling of acquitting four Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders in Alexandria and arrested them again.
Alexandria’s Criminal Court issued its ruling on Saturday Feb., 24, 2007 of immediately releasing the Mb leaders and rejecting the prosecution appeal for maintaining their detention for 15 days among 9 MB leaders in Alexandria.
Alexandria Appeals Court accepted on Thursday Feb., 22, 2007 the appeal lodged by the defense lawyer Khalaf Bayyoumi challenging the prosecution’s decision of prolonging the detention and acquitted the detainees and ordered releasing them immediately; however, the prosecution challenged the court ruling of releasing the detainees and the court rejected the prosecution’s challenge for the second time; hover, the final say in Egypt seems to be issued by the police officers who gathered all detainees in Al-Attareen police station without any legal justification since their acquittal. Then, a new arrest warrant was issued against four of those released according to the court ruling:

-Dr. Tawakul Massoud (Muslim Brotherhood candidate in 2005 legislative electrons for Dikheila)

-Mr. Fouad Elwan (Al Medina Al Monawara school principal )

-Eng. Hossam Refaat (engineer at oil company)

-Adel Hefni (free businessman)

While the other five were released:

-Dr. Hassan Al-Bronse ( a professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University).

-Salah Madani (The office manager Mr. Mostafa Mohamed a Muslim Brotherhood Member of parliament)

-Mohamed Mabrouk (teacher)

-Abu Zeid Mohamed (Islamic Cleric)

-Alaa Mutawe (accountant)

It is worth mentioning that the Egyptian regime is usually giving a deaf ear to court rulings of releasing detainees; this recurred in many incidents, the most prominent of which was the court ruling of releasing Eng. Khairat Al Shater and his co-defendants, immediately after which the regime issued another arrest warrant against them.

For his part, Ali Abd Al-Fattah, a Muslim Brotherhood leader in Alexandria, said that the court ruling confirms the detainees are innocent and there is no real charge against them.
Abd Al-Fattah pointed out that the Egyptian regime does not respect court rulings; he hoped that the Interior Ministry will actually release the detainees to prove its respect to law.
The detainees were arrested from their houses on Thursday Feb., 15, 2007, on charge of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood group, as part of an aggravating crackdown that the regime follows is launching against the MB, the biggest opposition in parliament, leading to arresting hundreds of its leaders and members, topped by Eng. Khairat Al Shater the second deputy chairman, and Dr. Mohamed Ali Beshr, a member of the MB executive Bureau, and transferring a big number of them to a military court, in addition to freezing their assets.