Suez: 33 Muslim Brotherhood detainees brought before Prosecutors Tuesday.
Suez: 33 Muslim Brotherhood detainees brought before Prosecutors Tuesday.
Tuesday, January 12,2010 17:26

 court hearing will be held trying 33 members of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement from the governorate of Suez who were unjustly arrested following a wide-scale campaign of invasions and pre-dawn raids last August. The detainees were arrested and given numerous extended detentions contradictory to the Constitution which prohibits arbitrary arrest and detention for periods lasting several weeks. The government continues to use the Emergency Law under the official state of emergency to try non-security cases in the emergency courts and to restrict many other basic rights.


Detainees were denied even their most basic rights including visitation rights, provision of food from families and full opportunity for their defense in addition to other injustices.


Families were harassed numerous times during court sessions and were thrown out from the court halls and clashes were abundant. Moreover detainees were transferred to distant prisons making visits a burden on families who had to travel many miles to visit.


Bahaa Salama defense lawyer for the group asserted to "Ikhwanweb" that "many hardships were faced by the detainees and their families and injustices were continually practiced especially during court hearing with the blessing of Chancellor Wael al-Sheemy who denied the detainees many rights. Moreover many of the detainees suffer various afflictions including heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, slipped discs and others. The prisons lack the necessary and sufficient means to care for the detainees."