MB delays new leader announcement
MB delays new leader announcement
Wednesday, January 13,2010 12:57
By Mounir Adib , Ahmed Ali

 The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition group has decided to postpone the announcement of its new general guide, or murshid, from next Thursday to next Saturday. Group members, meanwhile, provided different explanations for the delay.

According to Essam el-Erian, member of the MB's authoritative Guidance Bureau, the group was still waiting to hear the opinions of its members based abroad before coming to a final decision.

But Mohamed Heshmat, member of the group's consultative Shura Council, attributed the delay to "incomplete preparations" for a scheduled press conference at which the name of the new guide will be announced.

MB media spokesman Gamal Nassar, meanwhile, chalked the delay up to "internal procedures," without further elaboration.

Guidance Bureau member Ossama Nassr Eddin, for his part, said that "no one knows" why the announcement was postponed.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.