Heart felt condolences to Haiti's President and people.
Heart felt condolences to Haiti's President and people.
Sunday, January 17,2010 12:19

The Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement Dr Mohamed Badie would like to express his sympathies to the people of Haiti, who are suffering after being hit by a 7-magnitude earthquake on Tuesday.

 "I am deeply saddened by news of the earthquake which has caused heavy loss of lives, numerous injuries and severe damage in your country. I wish to extend the Movement's and my sincerest sympathy and condolences to the President and the people of Haiti who have suffered great loss from this natural disaster," the Chairman stressed.

He called on all organizations world-wide  both governmental and non-governmental to offer any relief to  the people of Haiti who urgently need food, fresh water, shelter andmedical supplies, particularly in the first days which  are crucial. He encouraged an urgent response adding, "Our heartfelt condolences go out to all who have been affected by this unimaginable natural disaster and we pray that the medical supplies along with the critical commodities needed be sent to the communities in desperate need."

The aid flooding in and relief being sent is a testament that no matter what, humanity prevails and we must do whatever we can to help our fellow human beings.