In his first weekly statement Badie stresses on the importance of consultation and democracy.
In his first weekly statement Badie stresses on the importance of consultation and democracy.
Saturday, January 23,2010 01:26
 Dr Mohamed Badie chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement asserted in his first weekly statement that the Movement was founded on the firm belief of democracy, consultation and consensus. He stressed that the movements members must continue practicing and applying these methods in order to sustain their success.
In his statement titled "Praise be to Allah by whose grace there is achievement" Badie commended the former Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef who successfully illustrated these measures where he lead the group through hardships despite much skeptism from opposition. Akef was able to face and avert the fabricated lies, which faced the group even through the hardest, and most testing of times demonstrating admirable maturity and tolerance.
"Although Egypt's so called democracy has enabled the movement to attain seats in parliament, the same democracy Egypt is under, fails to acknowledge the MB's accomplishments. Certain figures who are intent on remaining in highly ranked positions hoped to tarnish the Brotherhood's reputation clinging to false hopes that differences in the group would lead to a split".
In his statement, the chairman called on the movement to persist in practicing dialogue and democracy in all levels stressing that this was the basis in which reform will be achievable. He highlighted that liberating the nation from all types of oppression including political, economical, martial, and intellectual was the Brotherhood's priority. To succeed in liberating a nation it is imperative to fight for democracy even if sacrifices are made the citizen can bring our political and governmental institutions back to life, and to make them responsive and accountable, and keep them honest.
To safeguard democracy we must have a keen sense of

 independence, self-respect, and oneness and the kind of commitment that will persist despite the temptations of disillusionment. We must have faith despite opposition and continue to be inspired by the hope of a brighter future. The nation will only be liberated and true democracy gained when the citizen fights for what is rightfully theirs for truly there is no gain with no pain.