Chairman: Unity will successfully combat corruption and oppression.
Chairman: Unity will successfully combat corruption and oppression.
Friday, January 29,2010 21:50


In his weekly statement Dr Badie chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood concentrated on the significance of the Islamic world to liberate itself from any foreign oppression. "Islam is a religion which gives rise to the importance of human rights. This can only be attained if we free ourselves from ignorance, humiliation, immorality, disease and hunger". The leader highlighted the importance of dispelling despair and advocating hope emphasizing that this can be done if we adhere to the teachings of Islam and apply ourselves to its principals.


Badie stressed that the Arab and Islamic nations have enormous potential, however they need to be directed  positively. He confirmed that the citizen must believe that he is a valuable human being and that his rights are maintained. Through this he will hold his head up high with dignity and will be a positive element contributing to the well-being of the nation. The Arab and Islamic world should advocate national unity, reject violence and intolerance and promote the freedom of political practice



He warned of the West's invasion, stressing that the Palestinian issue is the gateway to freedom for Arabs and Muslims, stressing the need to stop the dominance of the Israeli-American project. Badie pointed to the responsibility and its enormity of freeing and unshackling our holy places from the Israeli's grip and restoring the Aqsa's sacredness from sabotage and demolition. 



 The Muslim Brotherhood extends their hands, to the national movement in participation, seeking to unify its efforts for the benefit of the homeland, its development, and liberalization. Human rights are what we hope will be achieved "So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom; those who wish to tyrannize will do so and continue to do so".