Security pressures postponement of NDP hearing.
Security pressures postponement of NDP hearing.
Monday, February 1,2010 18:50

An unknown turn of events has prompted the mock hearing which was scheduled for February 5 to be postponed to March 11.
Sources reveal that security has pressured the organizers to postpone the event which was intended to investigate the numerous violations, scandals and corruption by certain members of the NDP ruling party.
In a statement to "Ikhwanweb" lawyer Montaser Zayat asserted that pressure has continued in an attempt to divert attention to the numerous offences however the organizers will not be deterred and the event will take place.
The hearings were scheduled to take place at the syndicate's premises however will be transferred to the Lawyers club in Maadi.
The panel which represents the people is from various movements and trends include, Chancellor Khodeiry as president, Ambassador Ibrahim Yosry right winged, Lawyer Ahmed Seif left wing, and prosecutors include Mohamed Aldomaty, Montaser Zayat and Ahmed Bahaa El-deen Shaaban from the "Kefaya Movement"
Others attending the hearing  include Yosry Algamal, Dr Atef Albanna, Dr Gouda Abdul Khaleq and Abdul Halim Qandil.