Hamas: We won't respond to heresies of Fatah spokesmen
Hamas: We won't respond to heresies of Fatah spokesmen
Sunday, February 7,2010 23:40
Hamas Movement has confirmed Sunday that its response to the Goldstone report didn’t contain any apology, stressing the Palestinians' right to defend themselves and to resist the Israeli occupation.

Retorting to Fatah spokesmen in the West Bank, Hamas underlined that what Fatah spokesmen were talking about were Israeli hearsays meant to distort Hamas's image.

"Those who asked Hamas to apologize to the Palestinian people instead of apologizing to the Israelis were indeed either liars or maliciously attempting to fish in muddy waters because their source of information was a false news report invented by the Hebrew media", the Movement underlined in a statement it issued Sunday.

To the contrary, Hamas said, the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people don’t need to be proven as media outlets were showing those crimes such as the IOF troops deliberate targeting of Palestinian civilians, paramedics and ambulances live on TV during the war on Gaza.

Hamas explained that it only responded to claims included in the Goldstone report, and proved that the Palestinian resistance's behavior was a reaction to the Israeli brutal aggression on the Strip.

Moreover, Hamas deplored Fatah spokesmen's allegations that Hamas killed Palestinian people on IDs, stressing that such behavior was of Fatah faction as testified by Tawfik Abu Khousa, the former spokesman of Fatah in Gaza Strip during the armed clashes between the forces of the legitimate PA government and the mutiny trend led by the disgraced Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan in 2007.

In this regard, Hamas made it clear that it won't waste time in responding to the lies of Fatah spokesmen in the West Bank, underscoring it knows the sources, motives, and masterminds of those allegations.

"We rather spend our time on a more noble and national goal that is to achieve the Palestinian reconciliation, and thus, we would refrain, for the meantime, from responding to those fabrications", Hamas highlighted. 

For his part, Mohammed Faraj Al-Ghoul, the Palestinian justice minister, raised doubts over Israeli claims that Palestinian rockets killed Israeli civilians, yet, he added, the Israeli occupation has to prove those claims with evidence but till now it refuses to allow independent committees to check those claims.

Ghoul asserted the right of the Palestinian resistance to defend the Palestinian people and to repel any Israeli aggression against them with all possible means.

He also pointed out that the PA government in Gaza would follow up the matter till the UN refers the report to the International Criminal Court to prosecute Israeli war criminals.

Meanwhile, Fawzi Barhoum, Hamas's spokesman in Gaza, deprecated the Israeli attempts to deceive the international community by alleging it had conducted an internal investigation and found nothing wrong in the Israeli behavior during the war on Gaza.

He urged the international community to bring justice to the oppressed Palestinian people and to bring Israeli war criminals to court to prosecute them for the massacres they committed against Palestinian women and children.