Kabaha: Fatah leadership should have visited Gaza Strip after war
Kabaha: Fatah leadership should have visited Gaza Strip after war
Monday, February 8,2010 13:40

Palestinian lawmaker MP Wasfi Kabaha has hailed the visit of Fatah official Nabil Sha'ath to Gaza Strip, stressing that Fatah leadership should have visited the beleagueredStrip immediately after the war to unite the Palestinian people.

Kabaha, who is now detained in an Israeli jail, also praised Sha'ath for meeting Palestinian prime minister Ismail Haneyya in Gaza, describing it as a step towards melting the ice and to provide the suitable atmosphere for the national reconciliation.

"Although it was very late, the visit of Sha'ath to Gaza was indeed crucial because of Sha'ath's position in Fatah faction. However, we expected more Fatah leaders to accompany him, especially those who could easily visit the Strip, but the step itself was important", Kabaha pointed out in a written statement.

According to Kabaha, Fatah leaders should have made a congregational solidarity visit to the Gaza Strip after the dirty Israeli war on it that almost destroyed the entire infrastructure of the Strip in order to enhance the Palestinian unity and to remove seeds of conflict between the two factions and to remove the reasons that led to Hamas's military action against Fatah mutineers 30 months ago.

The captive Palestinian lawmaker also revealed that he personally knows hundreds of Fatah figures who planned to visit the Gaza Strip after the war out of their national sense but their attempt was aborted by those who control Fatah's decision-making.

Furthermore, Kabaha underscored that the safety valve of the Palestinian people is unity and harmony among all spectrums of the Palestinian society, expressing hopes that Hamas and Fatah would endorse what they had agreed upon in Cairo to achieve the national reconciliation in the presence of an Arab and Muslim representation.