Policeman Sentenced For 6 Months For Refusing To Guard Israeli Embassy
Monday, February 26,2007 00:00
By Ikhwanweb

An Egyptian military court jailed, on Sunday, policeman Mohamed Khalaf Hassan Ibrahim for 6 months, because he refused to guard the embassy of Israel in a Giza residential building.
The policeman, 38 years old, refused to obey the order of his commanders of guarding the embassy of Israel, and he demanded to be transferred to serve in Alexandria where his family is living; however, the commanders insisted on their decision, making him stage a hunger strike during the past 10 days; he appeared before the trial while he is still on hunger strike.
He was sent to hospital after the hunger strike due to his deteriorating health and remained handcuffed and guarded by a soldier and a policeman in the hospital !!
Dr. Mohamed Salah, the manager of the emergency department in the hospital, said that Mohamed Khalaf is suffering from complications from his strike, including emaciation, pointing out that he was injected with glucose and tonics because he refused to take any food.
He was accused of violating the military discipline, a charge that leads to on day to 3 years prison sentence, according to the court estimation.
The rulings of the military courts affiliated to the Egyptian police are finals and can’t be challenged.
For his part, Saad Al Husseini, a Muslim Brotherhood MP, said that this ruling is to the interest of supporters of normalization with Israel .
Al Husseini told Ikhwanweb that this ruling violates the principle of personal freedom guaranteed by the Egyptian constitution.
The MP demanded that the sentence against the soldier be immediately canceled on humane reasons and to take into consideration the personal freedom as much as choosing his job is concerned.

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