Badie: Al-Banna's amazing foresight.
Badie: Al-Banna's amazing foresight.
Tuesday, February 16,2010 11:06


Dr.Badie hoped to relay his feelings to the members of the movement reminding them that the Movement will continue and must not be deterred regardless of any animosity displayed towards them. He reminded them of their cause and that the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) had also faced troubles and travelled a thorny path but success always comes with obstacles.

The statement which was titled "Imam al-Banna and issues of the nation" included excerpts of the founders feelings where he asserted that their truly was great joy in working and committing yourself to raising the banner of Islam and to working towards peaceful reform.
He suggested that Imam Al-Banna's message to the Egyptians and the Arab and Islamic world lay in a sense of religious responsibility ... a patriotism which is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime and this in turn included unity towards our Muslim brothers and in particular those oppressed emphasizing solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians also.


Dr Badie called on the Muslims worldwide and the MB in particular to stoically face the tyranny and oppression of the regimes highlighting that the cause will prevail and succeed for it is the true path reminding his supporters that even if democracy does not guarantee equality of conditions and it only guarantees equality of opportunity we must at least follow our path for we will not be judged by the results stressing that the survival of democracy depends on the renunciation of violence and the development of nonviolent means to combat evil and advance the good.