Egypt: Former Security leaders condemn the arrests of MB members
Egypt: Former Security leaders condemn the arrests of MB members
Tuesday, February 16,2010 16:32

They stressed that the arrests were illegitimate and not part of security work and that working for the interest of the ruling party is a violation of law

 Former Police General, Mahmoud Qatary said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that "the arrest campaigns confirm that Egypt is a police state in which the State Security Investigation (SSI) plays a suspicious yet evident role in the interest of the ruling NDP, against the MB who are considered the only organized opposition power which can be confronted in the street.
Investigations by the Ministry of Interior lack credibility and 99% of the allegations are fabricated. The charges are usually directed in a non-professional manner due to the ignorance of the police officials in trying to carry out the orders that are given.
Hamdy Albatran, a former Major General in the police, explained that the Ministry of Interior faces dilemmas each time it arrests any of the Muslim Brotherhood members in adherence to the government's order.
He pointed out that the regime argues that the MB is a banned group, even though the officers in the Interior Ministry know well that the MB has a significant political presence in Egypt acquiring 88 seats in Parliament.
Albatran addressed the leaders in the Ministry of Interior saying "The MB is present whether or not the Interior Ministry accepts it so until when will these arrests continue? And until when will the Ministry of Interior keep getting involved in this political vendetta which involves many violations and abuses of the rights of this group.
He called on the state to put an end to this situation and to integrate the MB in the public life after ratifying the law of political parties.