Somalia’s Islah Movement Welcomes Green Helmets
Monday, February 26,2007 00:00
By Ikhwanweb
The Islah movement welcomes the AU decision of sending AU peacekeeping forces to Somalia.
Somali Islah (reform) movement, the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Somalia, welcomed the African Union decision of sending African peacekeeping forces to the African Horn country.
The movement demanded in a statement, a copy of which was obtained by Ikhwanweb, the Ethiopian government to immediately and unconditionally withdraw all it troops
The following are the demands included in the movement’s statement :
1- The Ethiopian government must immediately and unconditionally withdraw all its forces from all Somali lands .
2-The Islah movement calls on all Somali people, specially residents of the capital, to end their rows as soon as possible, and close ranks in order to participate in the efforts of rebuilding a unified Somali state to get out of the dark tunnel .
3-The movement is sending an urgent call to all nations, particularly the Arab countries, to participate in the international forces to be sent to Somalia, and to give the Somali country a financial and technical support to help it build its institutions; it sees that the faster these forces are sent, the faster the Ethiopian withdrawal from the Somali republic takes place .