British FM: British passports of Mabhouh's killers forged
British FM: British passports of Mabhouh's killers forged
Thursday, February 18,2010 12:17


LONDON, (PIC)-- The British foreign ministry announced on Wednesday that the British passports used by six assassins of the Hamas leader in Dubai city were fake, adding they were coordinating with the authorities in Dubai regarding the matter.

"We know that there were six names using British passports, but we believe that those passports were forged, and we started our own investigation, and we offered help to the Dubai authorities in the investigation", the AFP quoted spokesman of the ministry as saying.

British political sources told  the Daily Telegraph newspaper on Tuesday that the Israeli Mossad (external spying apparatus) was behind the assassination of Mabhouh using Irish passports, but spokesman of the Irish foreign ministry said that details of the Irish passports of at least three of the suspects revealed they were fake passports.

"We have checked names and passport numbers with the database we have but we found no names and no passport numbers matching those held by the assassins", the AFP quoted the Irish spokesman saying.

Moreover, Hamas political leader Ayman Taha said on Wednesday that the French foreign ministry informed Hamas that the French name and passport of the man believed to be the mastermind of the assassination squad was a forged passport and that neither France nor any French national has anything to do with the crime.

On Wednesday, the police of Dubai announced they have identified seven more persons who were also part of the group and involved in assassinating the Hamas leader, adding that names of the seven would be released soon.

Dubai chief of police Lt. Gen. Dhahi Khalfan didn’t rule out the Mossad involvement in the killing of Mabhouh, vowing to chase high-ranking Israeli officials through the Interpol if the Mossad was behind the crime.

Despite repeated appeals from Hamas Movement, the Dubai police refused to give the Movement a chance to participate in the investigation.