Nazzal accuses Dahlan of Mabhouh assassination
Nazzal accuses Dahlan of Mabhouh assassination
Saturday, February 20,2010 11:18


In a statement to on Thursday, Nazzal claimed  that the two Palestinians accused of providing logistic support to the assassination team which consisted of at least 11 Mossad spies were Ahmad Hasanin,  a former member of the Palestinian Intelligence and Anwar Shuhaiber, a former officer of the Palestinian "preventive security". Both men work in Dubai in a real estate company  owned by Mohamed Dahlan

Hasanin and Shuhaiber worked for the  PA security apparatuses in the Gaza Strip before Hamas took over control of the Strip in June 2006.

Nazzal explained that the two were involved in the assassination of Mabhouh and that Dahlan asked the Dubai authorities to release them, but they refused. Nazzal stressed that this fact should however  not divert attention from the main responsibility of the Mossad for the assassination.

He asked the Dubai police to name the two Palestinians they captured and reveal how they were involved since  they have named and published photos of the other suspects.