MB Chairman: MB is optimistic despite injustices and corruption
MB Chairman: MB is optimistic despite injustices and corruption
Sunday, February 28,2010 11:34
In his weekly message titled "The Prophet...  Role model and premonition" Dr Mohamed Badie the MB chairman stressed the significance of patience, steadfastness and wisdom was what made a nation strong and successful. He asserted that despite the injustice, corruption and tyranny spread, they, and other fighters will be rewarded Allah willing.
He supported his speech claiming "Who would have believed that Hassan al-Banna with six other people in a city which only had traces of the occupation would restore the correct Islam and subsequently spread it throughout Egypt and the whole world".
Adding "For some time the Muslim world had remained dormant but now it is very much alive and if there were no restrictions and chaos then this wake would have had even better  results and it is through this belief  that  the MB  hope to achieve greater peaceful Islamic reform"
He addressed the MB underscoring "Dear brothers, you must acknowledge that a liberated Muslim rejects injustices and humiliation and when he exclaims "Allah is the greatest" it is because he does not consent on being weak before anyone but Allah. Muslims today are in dire need to remember the prophet Mohamed, messenger of Allah, who endured pain and hardships to establish Islam and they must follow the path of the prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) to put and end to  the despair in their hearts and to end the spread of corruption in their societies and the injustices everywhere"
The MB Chairman reminded of the signs alleged by Allah "Allah has vowed all who enlighten and preach his religion, survival and protection. He ascertained that victory is no doubt coming after the faithful are tested. The Almighty also promised to destroy the work of those who abandon the path of Allah".
"The Prophet, Peace be upon him, revealed the spread of Islam in the whole world, promising of a reviver every century and the return of a Caliphate on the approach of prophecy, victory over the Jews and the survival of the victors".
The Chairman concluded his message to the MB members saying "O Muslims remain optimistic, anticipate only the best, work to achieve it and remain strong until Allah's orders come".
"And Allah hath full power and control over His affairs; but most among mankind know it not."  (Yusuf, verse21)