Solidarity conference rejects Israeli measures, future attacks
Solidarity conference rejects Israeli measures, future attacks
Tuesday, March 2,2010 10:38

The national, Islamic solidarity conference on the future of Palestine has rejected the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) measures against Islamic shrines in Al-Khalil and Bethlehem and asserted importance of foiling any possible future attacks on regional countries.

The conference's closing statement on Sunday night issued after two days of meetings in Tehran said that the Zio-American threats against Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Iran targeted all countries in the region.

It condemned the IOA judaization of occupied Jerusalem and its environs and the ceaseless attacks on the Aqsa Mosque and the policy of confiscating Palestinian homes and forced evacuation of Jerusalemites.

The conference, attended by Palestinian, Arab and Islamic forces and factions, denounced the IOA bid to change and forge the historical landmarks in Palestine, mentioning in particular the recent decision to annex Ibrahimi and Bilal mosques to the list of Jewish historical sites.

The statement condemned Israel's state terrorism and its assassination attempts in other countries, demanding the prosecution of those responsible for such crimes.

It also condemned the oppressive siege on Gaza and the Egyptian construction of the steel wall along the borders with Gaza.

The conferees championed an end to security coordination between the PA in Ramallah and the IOA, a halt to the Dayton program and the prosecution of resistance fighters, warning of any return to direct or indirect negotiations with the IOA, which previously proved its failure.