4 Menoufiya MB Businessmen Arrested
4 Menoufiya MB Businessmen Arrested
Wednesday, February 21,2007 00:00

The Egyptian security forces arrested, on Tuesday, four MB businessmen.
The state security forces in Menoufiya, north of the Egyptian capital Cairo, arrested four Muslim Brotherhood (MB) businessmen.
A state security force, headed by officer Abdul Hadi Mahmoud Al Nahhas, on Tuesday Mr. Ahmed Ezzuddin Bakr, owner of industrial detergents company, and Mr. Lotfi Said Atiya, owner of a chemicals company, both of them are from Samman, El Bajour. The force arrested also Mr. Salahuddin Mostafa Lashin, Qiwisna El Balad and Mr. Amr Mohamed Abdul Aziz Shahin, Qiwisna.
For his part, Ragab Abu Zeid, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, for Menoufiya said that these detentions are carried out as part of the security crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood group, and that the Egyptian regime aims at curbing the group’s activity, passing the files of constitutional amendments and Tawreeth (hereditary transfer of rule from Mubarak Sr. to Mubarak Jr.) in addition to preventing the Muslim Brotherhood from fielding candidates in and running for the coming Shura Council elections scheduled next April .
Abu Zeid confirmed that these exercises confirm that the file of political reform and human rights is in its lowest levels in Egypt .
These detentions are part of a fierce security and media campaign endorsed by the Egyptian regime to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from opposing the file of Tawreeth and constitutional amendments that will establish it; this ongoing campaign has led to arresting dozens of MB members and leaders and transferring some of them to military courts in addition to freezing their assets.