Tantawy dies in Saudi Arabia following heart attack.
Tantawy dies in Saudi Arabia following heart attack.
Thursday, March 11,2010 10:35

Dr. Mohamed Badie chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood extends his condolences to the Islamic and Arab nations on the death of the father figure Dr Mohamed Sayed Tantawy of Al-Azhar, who sadly passed away in Saudi Arabia this morning.


He also offers his sincerest sympathy to Al-Azhar Institute's scholars, intellectuals and his men, calling on Allah the Almighty - to accept the efforts of the deceased to serve Islam and Muslims

Tantawy was born on October 28, 1928 at the Tama governorate of Sohag,where he studied in Al-Azhar encouraged by his father. This enabled him to join the Faculty of Theology After graduating he worked as an instructor, before being appointed  to teach in Libya for four years.

Tantawy received a doctorate in Hadith and Interpretation in 1966; he also worked in Medina, and was Dean of the Graduate School of the Islamic University


Tantawy was appointed mufti of Egypt October 28, 1986 and almost ten years later was appointed sheikh (Religious leader) of Al-Azhar.