Looking For a Foster Father
Wednesday, February 21,2007 00:00
By Khader Saba Abu Abbara, AMIN

Obviously, the Mecca accord has put an end to the nasty inter-factional war that swallowed more than 80 Palestinians and devastated one of the most local sacred values which is “Palestinian Bloodshed Forbiddance”, the value that controlled the Palestinian inter-relationships long time ago. Many thanks to his majesty King Abdullah Ben Abd-alaziz, who succeeded to bring the rival parties together and provided the entire environment that led to the agreement.

The event which has been broadcasted live through the international media has a wide impact on millions of Palestinians and Arab populations who were excitedly waiting for that moment. His Majesty, King Abdullah who took the initiative and succeeded in terminating the Palestinian drama, through playing a decisive role in the negotiations, became the foster father for both parties and the whole Palestinian population as well.

Due to the duration given to PM Ismail Hannieh, it is expected to install the Unity Government by February 15, 2007. Yet, it became well known to all the Palestinians that there is no sacred date in politics.  Albeit they do install the unity Government, it seems that we still need his majesty’s support, to enhance the agreement and turn it into fact through implementing it on the ground. What has been done up till now is considered the first step, the other important step is how to make the accord physical and fruitful, not through the installation of the unity government, but through building up a new strategy based on comprehensive and strategic settlement that might lead to the achievement of the Palestinians historical and inalienable rights, and lay down the foundations of new historical era enhanced by everlasting and just peace, prosperity and economic progress.  

Yet the main and prominent question in this regard is: What lessons does Mecca accord imply????

First: The accord demonstrated the importance of the Saudi intervention as a foster unbiased father who is interested in finding a real solution that benefits the Palestinian people regardless the narrow interests of each of the rival factions. The Saudis proved that they are still active and unavoidable players in the regional-related issues and still possess the source of power that enable them to contribute to any International efforts targeting the Middle East. This accord proved that Palestinians still need the Arab league Incubator.

Second: Both opponents admitted that such internal conflict cannot be terminated by military means. Militarization of the street has disastrous consequences; it produces spiteful values with long term spiritual impact. No one faction is ready to stand the burden of continuing the fight. 

Third: The reconciliation accord that emerged in less than 48 hours of negotiations proved that peace in the Middle East and the Israeli-Arab Conflict cannot be settled down without the assistance of an external friendly and unbiased extended hands. United States of America, with its pro-Israeli attitudes, is not eligible to play this role at the moment. The quartet as a group, on the other hand, has contradicted approaches toward the strategic settlement in the region and each of the partners has its own interests and peace approach that eventually paralyze the group function. A regional conference under the auspices of the United Nations with absolute support of the quartet and enhanced by the Arab league incubator – as a guarantor- would be a vital option. 
Finally, Mecca accord is so important; it revealed the rebirth of new active players in the international and regional relations. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is expected to play a concrete role in drawing the map of the region under the title the New Middle East.

* Khader Abu Abbara is a Palestinian living in the West Bank city of Beit Jala.