Egypt's Opposition calls for constitutional reform
Egypt's Opposition calls for constitutional reform
Thursday, March 18,2010 09:47

Dr Mohamed Badie, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood movement is scheduled to meet on Thursday with group leaders including Seif el-Islam Hassan el-Banna, son of group founder Hassan el-Banna to discuss possible legal measures against the producers of a television series that depicts the group's history and the life of its founder, according to sources

"The producers never provided me with a copy of the script," stressed el-Banna. "However I later came to learn that it gives an untrue account of my father's life which also tarnishes and distorts the group's reputation.

In a related development, prosecutors extended detention to 12 MB members including Osama Nasr El Deen, member of the group's influential Executive Bureau for a further 15 days pending investigation. The men were initially arrested on February 18 and charged with "belonging to a banned group" and "planning activities that threaten national security

 MB lawyer Abdel Moneim Abdel Maqsud clamed that these allegations were groundless with no evidence.