Report: Around 3.5 million out of 6 million corrupt employees
Report: Around 3.5 million out of 6 million corrupt employees
Friday, March 19,2010 17:02
The report indicated that there were approximately 12 million Egyptians who were homeless. One and a half million people lived in cemeteries and a total of 48 million poverty stricken people live in 1110 slums, which lacked the barest necessities such as clean water and electricity  
A quarter of Egypt's population suffers from hypertension and approximately 10% of the population is diabetic with 9 million Egyptians infected with Hepatitis C. Moreover 29% of Egyptian children are anemic.
Health services per capita have decreased, with a fall in the number of doctors, and health units in the countryside. In addition to this 2.5 million are infected with bilharzia

According to the report, the collapse of all infrastructure services in rural areas has increased the unemployment rate to over 60%. Crime rates have increased as a result of the increased unemployment and low living standards by more than 85% compared to 1980
The lack of sanitation services in rural areas is evident, where it has been revealed that 21.7% of farmers depend on public sewage while 25.2% rely on the septic tanks and 48.9% depend on the drilling system in the grounds
 The Ministry of Irrigation is responsible for providing sufficient irrigation water to farmers by creating new channels and irrigation canals, with the renovation and the maintenance of water resources, and the amendment of regulations pertaining to the equitable distribution of water among farmers, to solve problems of water shortages in some areas 
Educational conditions have deteriorated as illiteracy rates have risen to approximately 40% in Egypt with 61.3% of rural children dropping out of school, due to the increased expenses of the education process
With regards to violence Minya has witnessed the highest rate of violent incidents, with 24 recorded incidents. The number of deaths due to violence in conflicts was 151 cases, with 899 casualties and 1204 arrests
For improvements in these records it is imperative that the State shoulder the responsibility of providing health care, free treatment and special social insurance for tenants and smallholders through the establishment of government hospitals in all developed an Egyptian village