Morsy calls for a national uprising to save Al-Aqsa Mosque
Morsy calls for a national uprising to save Al-Aqsa Mosque
Friday, March 19,2010 18:39

 Dr. Mohamed Morsy, of the Muslim Brotherhood's Executive Bureau and the groups' media spokesman, called on Arabs and Muslims worldwide to come to the aid of the Palestinian uprising in resisting the fierce IOF attack against the holy Aqsa Mosque in the Old City of Jerusalem.

During his participation in the talk-show "Trends" on Al-Quds satellite TV Morsy stressed that if the leading Muslim countries
 united, their stance will have a greater impact towards the Palestinian cause in ending the Judaization of Jerusalem and the expansion of the Jewish settlement.
He underscored that by Arab and Islamic countries unifying their positions against the Israeli entity and deciding to boycott Israel economically and politically ending normalization Israel would certainly be effected
Morsy called on the Arab League to support the people who are much stronger than the ruling regimes emphasizing that the Arab and Muslims world's true interests lie in regaining the whole of Palestine. "The two-state solution is nothing but a delusion concocted by the brutal usurper of the Palestinian lands"
 He highlighted  that it was imperative that the Islamic scholars encourage Muslims to culture themselves and learn the truth about the Arab-Israeli conflict. He stressed once educated Muslims will definitely be prompted to defend what is rightfully theirs and will adhere to pressuring their respective nation's rulers to protect and support the sanctities of Islam.
Morsy concluded by affirming that "History has proven that the Israeli entity has never respected regulations were it has always believed that it is above the law. The only language they understand is force hence what is taken by force must be restored by force". Our duty towards the oppressed Palestinians is to spread the word, boycott Israeli goods and to unite in salvaging what is rightfully ours".