ElBaradei calls for democracy in Egypt
ElBaradei calls for democracy in Egypt
Friday, March 26,2010 15:12

 ElBaradei had been calling for increased democracy in Egypt making it his cause after ending his term as chief of the IAEA late last year. He claimed that "Without applying the democratic system in Egypt democracy would be at a dead end


ElBaradei's relationship with Mubarak is transparent where he wished his safe return from Germany after undergoing gall-bladder surgery this month. However ElBaradei has been quite frank with his pleas stressing that free, fair and transparent elections are necessary for democracy. Although Mubarak has not issued any statement concerning the presidential elections in 2011 public opinion has given that he is grooming his son Gamal to assume presidency. Such a plan however has been met by denial by both Mubaraks


ElBaradei has met with several opposition factions including the Muslim Brotherhood who agreed on his call for transparency and democracy. Even so, the MB as have not as yet disclosed their status to his agenda stressing that they will announce their standpoint at the appropriate thorough study


Mubarak who had appeared to stem ElBaradei's enthusiasm had stated that "Egypt is not looking for a 'national hero' ElBaradei calmly responded that this should be left for the Egyptians to decide indicating that he may enter elections if certain amendments were made.