National initiative calls for restoring Palestinian unity to face Zionist plots
National initiative calls for restoring Palestinian unity to face Zionist plots
Tuesday, March 30,2010 21:13


In a statement issued on the occasion of the land day, the initiative said that this day dates back to March 1976 when the Israeli occupation confiscated thousands of dunums of Palestinian lands especially in Al-Jaleel and its settlement activities and apartheid system have been ongoing and expanding since then.

It called on all Palestinian factions and institutions especially the rivals to make the land day an occasion for realizing the unity of the land and common fate in order to abort the Zionist conspiracies aimed at dismembering the territorial integrity of Palestine.

Despite all unity calls made by different Palestinian parties and organizations, the security apparatuses of Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank refuse to respond to such appeals and insist on deepening the internal rift in the Palestinian arena through its persistence in the kidnapping campaigns and the security coordination with Israel.

These security apparatuses on Monday started their day with kidnapping 12 Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas Movement in the governorates of Al-Khalil, Nablus, Qalqiliya and Tulkarem, according to the latest reports received this morning by the Palestinian information center (PIC).

They also kidnapped in Yatta city more than 15 citizens from Hizb Al-Tahrir Movement during a lecture they held in the building of the municipal council, although the lecture was authorized by the head of the municipal council.

In a separate incident, the government of Salam Fayyad, which was formed unconstitutionally by Abbas in Ramallah, also took its part in entrenching the rift in the Palestinian arena and fired another teacher from his job called Ali Suleiman because of his affiliation with Hamas.