Liberties Committee slam security's assaults on women and children
Liberties Committee slam security's assaults on women and children
Wednesday, March 31,2010 02:07

The Liberties Committee of the Egyptian Lawyers' Syndicate condemned the fierce security forces' attacks against women and children of the Muslim Brotherhood members during the large-scale arrest campaigns by security forces on the MB members over the recent period.

In a brief statement today, the Committee declared its firm rejection to these practices, calling it irregular and in need of intervention by the public prosecutor.  He urged him to take a decisive stand against the assaults committed by security agents, stressing the importance of conducting an immediate investigation.

The Commission has renewed condemnation of the ongoing campaign of detentions and arrests in the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood, and its refusal to utilize some judicial process to settle political accounts, stressing that judicial independence is presently susceptible to violation because of the government's insistence on in-compliance with the acquittal decisions issued in favor of some MB prisoners and the conducting of immediate arrests.

In his statement to "Ikhwanweb", Secretary-General of the Civil Liberties Committee Jamal Taj al-Din said that they are disappointed with the continued detention campaigns against the honorable people and will continue their efforts to address such assaults.