Mansoura's distinguished citizens invite ElBaradei
Mansoura's distinguished citizens invite ElBaradei
Wednesday, March 31,2010 18:16

 The former IAEA chairman responded to the invitation of Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim, one of Egypt's leading kidney surgeons from Mansoura. It is expected that he will discuss and call for the endorsing of political change and reform

Hamdi Qandil media spokesman for the pro-constitutional reform movement has expressed that ElBaradei may be a possible contender for the Egyptian presidency however some constitutional amendments need to be made

Members of the MB parliamentary bloc have underscored that ElBaradei's call for political reform needs to be promoted by pressure from all political opposition factions. However they believe that the NDP will not go down without a fight highlighting the ruling regime's recent measures practiced on a large number of the group's leaders and members who have faced arbitrary arrests

In a related context a rally is scheduled to be assembled Tuesday by the 6 April Movement protesting to the present political conditions however no comments have been made as to ElBaradei's participation.