Hamas: Palestinian prisoners to stage a general strike in April
Hamas: Palestinian prisoners to stage a general strike in April
Thursday, April 1,2010 10:51

The higher committee of Hamas prisoners in Israeli jails on Wednesday declared that the Palestinian prisoners of all political spectra will soon organize a general strike in protest at the ongoing Israeli violations of their rights.

In a statement issued in this regard, the committee said that this general strike, which was approved by all factions, is aimed to pressure Israeli jailers to stop their inhuman practices against Palestinian female and male prisoners in all prisons and detention centers.

The committee emphasized its full support for this strike which will take place in April, noting that this general strike will include a number of protest steps, where the prisoners will refuse to receive visits from their families and will stage a mass hunger strike during all visit days.

It added that these steps will also include special events on the Palestinian prisoner day which marks April 17.

In a related context, the prisoners of Hamas in Negev jail deplored the prison administration for removing the MBC channel from the list of channels allowed to be seen in prison because of its broadcast of a Turkish TV series called “A stone cry” which illustrates some aspects of the Palestinian people’s suffering under the Israeli occupation.

For his part, Fouad Al-Khafsh, the head of Ahrar center for prisoners' studies, said that the decision is part of the arbitrary policy pursued by the prison administration which aims to suppress the Palestinian prisoners.

He added that the Israeli prison authority decided to block the channel after it saw all Palestinian prisoners mesmerized in front of screens watching the Turkish series that almost ruined the Israel-Turkish relations.