Clashes between MB and NDP over State’s budget
Clashes between MB and NDP over State’s budget
Thursday, April 1,2010 12:38


MB MP Ashraf Badr Eldeen raised a copy of the constitution to the Head of the Parliament, Dr. Fathy Sorour, demanding him to acknowledge the violations in the report, however Sorour refused saying “I will teach you a lesson on how to respect the Constitution”.

The MB MP pointed at Ahmed Ezz, Head of the NDP Planning and Budget Committee who said “I do not accept exaggeration from those who want to make people suspicious about the funds of the…stop fooling the people”.

MB representatives rejected the words and left their seats and NDP representative surrounded Ezz. Sorour called Muslim Brotherhood MPs to sit down.

98 MP's including MB and Independents sent a memo to Sorour calling for the report to be rejected. They claimed that the report is illegal and includes false return of LE 24.3 billion which the MB and independents depicting it as “fraud”.