Brotherhood in Yemen calls for an end to emergency laws in the South
Brotherhood in Yemen calls  for an end to emergency laws in the South
Sunday, April 4,2010 13:26

The Yemeni Reformist Association, (Muslim Brotherhood offshoot) in Yemen, rejected the continued state of Emergency and the incitement of the authorities used against the political partners in the joint meeting. It held the authorities responsibility for the crisis the country is facing as a result of its policies.


The Shura Council of the brotherhood called for ending the oppression practiced against the peaceful political movement and unjust decisions against citizens, especially in the south and in Aldalea city, stressing it is a flagrant violation of rights and freedoms and a violation of the Constitution


The Association highlighted the importance of developing and activating the means of mass communication and described this phase as the era of popular solidarity and peaceful struggle. It asserted the necessity and legal duty to protect rights and fight corruption which resulted from tyranny, chaos, economic and security corruption and organized crimes.


The association denounced the restrictions imposed on public freedoms and journalists and the repression of peaceful protests referring to 11 March 2010. It also called for holding those responsible accountable, stressing that dialogue and compromise  is the only solution to  ending  this situation, opposed to  repression, terrorism and militarization of cities.


It called on the government to end its' use of the security and the case of Seda city as an excuse to hamper reform and to save citizens from failure and misleading the public and international opinion. It stressed on the necessity of the authorities to salvage the society from the moral defects and to protect the youth from the threats to their future.


It also called on reformers to be responsible and to make more sacrifices and integrate with the mass in order to bring the change and security which would guarantee the desirable, future and existence of our people among other peoples.


 The Brotherhood called on Arab leaders to assume responsibility in defending the Aqsa Mosque, as failing to defend it is a great betrayal and unforgivable.


The association stressed in a statement that serious dialogue between political parties on the agreement of February is the only solution for the current crisis.


In its final statement the association wished the success of the dialogue as it is the first national project which describes the problems of the country and suggests mechanisms and solutions.