Security Forces attack Engineering students in Monouf
Security Forces attack  Engineering students in Monouf
Monday, April 5,2010 19:51

MPs Sabry Amer, Ashraf  BadrEldeen, Abdel Fattah Eid, Ali Ismail and Yosry Telab attended the investigations with the students and met with the Dean of the Faculty Dr. Atef Abul Azm, and called on him to end the situation and save the future of the students.

MB deputies representing the Monoufeya governorate Ragab Abu Zead, Eisa Abdel Ghaffar Eisa, Saad Hussein, and Dr. Yasser Hamoud met with Dr. Mohamed Abdel Maksoud, president of Monoufeya's University for the same purpose.

All MPs submitted nine urgent statements in the Parliament to the Prime Minister calling him to refer Police  Officer “Ahmed Elsayyad”, who was responsible to State Security Officer in Monoud for investigations. They stressed that he had abused and assaulted the students.

They also called for the immediate release of the eleven students who are currently detained  in Wadi-Al-Natron prison and holding the officer responsible accountable.