Police in Egypt investigate using Torture
Police in Egypt investigate using Torture
Thursday, April 8,2010 10:05

The detainees were beaten and assaulted for possessing video tapes which recorded the security raids carried out by the head of state security on the house of Ahmed el-Khadl during his absence. The video recorded forces ransacking the house and confiscating personal belongings from it. Forces searched the nearby houses in search of el-Khadl and this was also recorded

Al-Shehab Centre for Human Rights and El-Helali Foundation for Freedoms stressed that the disappearance of MB members Ahmed el-Khadl and Moaz Abbas  who was present at el-Khadl’s house is a blatant violation of the judicial rulings and violation of all human rights and forced disappearance laws. Both have been missing since April 1st.

A report confirmed that the accurate whereabouts of detainees remain unknown to their lawyers and families. The Defence team submitted a complaint in Rashid’s Prosecution accusing the SSI of their abduction and detention in an unknown destination.