Tagammu Party fallout
Tagammu Party fallout
Friday, April 9,2010 19:45

Tagammu Party Vice President Anis el-Bayaa rejected the stance of his party's headquarters who refused to collaborate with the MB movement in Cairo.

He argued that despite difference of opinion and certain ideologies, they shared common interest regarding certain issues including their support for Palestinians. In protest of Tagammu's stance he requested his membership be annulled stressing that politics meant open dialogue and tolerance maintaining that the nations' interest should be above all else.

El- Bayaa confirmed that his branch in Damietta and the MB had convened for 15 years in cordial and amiable atmospheres.

Tagammu Party Secretary General Sayyed Abdel Ali doubts that the request will be granted stressing that the Party needed el-Bayaa's expertise for the upcoming parliamentary elections.