International experts: IOA owns 300 nuclear warheads
International experts: IOA owns 300 nuclear warheads
Sunday, April 11,2010 01:53

The London-based international institute for strategic studies has estimated that Israel was currently in the possession of 200 nuclear warheads while another British magazine specialized in defense issues said that Israel owned between 200 to 300 warheads.

Analysts at British defense specialists Jane's said on Saturday that Israel is the sixth biggest country in the world in the field of nuclear armament, adding that its nuclear arsenal is equal to that of Britain.

According to Jane's, the Israeli strategic force could be deployed by the Jericho 2 missile, which has a range of up to 4,500 kilometers, or the five-year-old Jericho 3, which reaches up to 7,800 kilometers.
It is also believed to be able to deploy by air, using F-16 fighter jets, and even by sea through its submarine fleet, providing an opportunity for a second strike if its land systems are attacked.