Opposition slam deportation of ElBaradei's supporters from Kuwait
Opposition slam deportation of ElBaradei's supporters from Kuwait
Sunday, April 11,2010 10:38

The Nobel Prize winner and former IAEA chief has stirred mixed feelings since his return to Egypt earlier this year with his calls for amendments in the constitution. Egyptians in Kuwait had posted details of the meeting on the Internet resulting in their arrests, and deportation from Kuwait .


Opposition movements and trends slammed the interference by Kuwaiti officials and MP Hamdi Hassan from the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt 's largest opposition described the actions as an uncalled for intervention in Egypt 's sovereignty.


Egypt's President has been in power for nearly 30 years and their have been speculations as to his grooming of his son Gamal to take over power in 2011. Both Mubaraks have denied these allegations however the latest protests by the nation's opposition movements and calls for amendments regarding elections have not been met lightly. Arrests are widespread and the MB has been known to be the largest targeted opposition. Support by numerous opposition factions to ElBaradei's call including the MB have not been met well.