Kuwait: Clearly declare reasons for arresting Egyptians not breaking the law
Kuwait: Clearly declare reasons for arresting Egyptians not breaking the law
Sunday, April 11,2010 18:30
By Bikya Masr Staff

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) received what they described as “utterly disturbing news” of the arrest of Egyptians in Kuwait for supporting Mohamed ElBaradei and advocating democracy in Egypt. Although Kuwaiti officials have admitted to arresting a number of Egyptians, they did not declare how many or the reasons for their detention. This left the public to “presumptions and doubts” as news has spread of the possible arrest of 33 Egyptians and the deportation of some due to their intentions to declare support for the “National Assembly for Change.”

On April 8, Kuwaiti authorities arrested three Egyptians while they were at work, searched the house of one of them and seized t-shirts having ElBaradie’s picture on them. Following that incident, another 30 were arrested while meeting at a local restaurant.

The Arabic Network said ”Kuwait must announce the reasons for arresting those Egyptians and the consequences of such a measure. Kuwait must declare the legal reasons for arresting anyone just for their intentions especially that none of the arrested has practiced an illegal act.”

ANHRI added, ”the Kuwaiti government must not defy and waste the law and jeopardize its image by such a measure. The least expected of Kuwait is that the Kuwaiti interior ministry should issue a clear statement on this act against Egyptian citizens who did nothing illegal.”

 Republished with permission from Bikya Masr