ElBaradei calls for boycotting elections
ElBaradei calls for boycotting elections
Tuesday, April 13,2010 14:20

His campaign which has been widely supported by opposing trends includes demands for constitutional amendments, the supervision of judiciary over elections to ensure they are free and fair and the annulling of the emergency law which has continued for 30 years.

 Ibrahim Nawar, from the opposition National Front Party relayed ElBaradei's remarks during a meeting with party members to discuss political strategy. ElBaradei called for the boycott to "deprive" President Hosni Mubarak's regime of legitimacy. ElBaradei's return from abroad has not been met lightly and Mubarak although has allowed participation in presidency elections had made it difficult with the set restrictions. 

Despite the call for boycott the Muslim Brotherhood opposition bloc will participate in the upcoming shura and parliamentary elections stressing the importance of participation. The MB believes all have a right to be involved in the political arena for the wellbeing of the community.

Other political parties who receive government funding will also participate in the elections.

In a related context the MB who has initiated the campaign of convening with all political opposition in an attempt for unity despite differences in ideologies have successfully held open dialogue with most opposition members. The meetings were amiable where all involved agreed the significance of amendments similar to those of ElBaradei's.

The MB was scheduled to meet with members of the National Democratic Party, Tuesday however the National Front Party has rainchecked the meeting indefinitely without reason.