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MB offshoot in Yemen : Government responsible for country's ruin
MB offshoot in Yemen : Government responsible for country's ruin
Thursday, April 15,2010 20:13

The organization accused the Yemeni's government, of undermining the people's ability to pursue their livelihoods destroying Yemen 's present and future.

 The YCR- in its latest meeting head by Acting Chairman of the Islah Party Mohammed Abdullah Al-Yadomi- warned of the rapid deterioration in the value of the national currency where the currency has lost nearly 15per cent of its value since the beginning of this year. They also warned of the government's insistence to irresponsibly tackle the deteriorating living conditions of Yemeni citizens and erroneous procedures only aimed to burden the shoulders of the poor, low-income and landless families. The government's  recent stance on increasing the customs tariff rate of nearly 71 items, including essential food items used on a daily basis is inconsiderate to the suffering of the vast majority of people living below the poverty line lack the minimum level necessary to meet basic needs while balances of wealthy, and corrupt clique increases.
 The group condemned the government's erroneous policies and practices as it must bear the full responsibility on the miserable living conditions due to the rampant corruption, misuse of public funds, looting of national resources and  incorrect selective approach followed by the authority in dealing with economic conditions.