Mansi: Gaza harbor to be upgraded
Mansi: Gaza harbor to be upgraded
Tuesday, April 20,2010 21:19

The second phase of upgrading the Gaza harbor has kicked off, minister of public works and housing Dr. Yousef Mansi announced on Monday.

Mansi, who was inspecting the progress of work, said that the second stage focuses on deepening the port's dock to accommodate bigger ships, which are expected to arrive in Gaza to challenge the Israeli siege.

The work is being implemented by the ministry in cooperation with the transport and communications ministry and with the support of the Turkish humanitarian relief organization IHH.

An alliance was announced in Istanbul recently to break the siege on Gaza comprising a number of organizations and humanitarian societies. They agreed on sending a fleet of ships from 20 countries that would transport 5000 tons of relief material including medical equipment, prefabricated houses, cement and other construction material in addition to educational material. The alliance said that more than 500 solidarity activists would be aboard this fleet.