Jail 6 MB Leaders Extended, 34 Students Released
Jail 6 MB Leaders Extended, 34 Students Released
Monday, February 12,2007 00:00

The jail of six Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders, among the 40 MB leaders referred to a military court, was prolonged for 15 days pending trial.


The MB leaders whose jail has been prolonged are:

Dr. Mohamed Ali Beshr (MB Executive Bureau member)

Dr. Eisam Hashish

Eng. Medhat Al-Haddad

Eng. Osama Sharby

Dr. Khaled Awda

Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Saudi .


In the same context, the Egyptian attorney general issued a decision of releasing 34 out of the 124 Al-Azhar University students whom the security services detained after a sportive performance carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood students in the university .


Cairo Criminal court issued a ruling last Jan., 31, 2007 of releasing 42 Al-Azhar, but the Interior Ministry issued another arrest warrant against them .


The students released by attorney general are :

- Ibrahim Saad Mohamed Zaghloul.

- Hani Mohamed Bakr.

- Walid Shahir Al-Din.

- Ahmed Al Sayed Fahim.

- Kamal Talaat Said.

- Walid Abdul Tawwab Abdul Gawaad.

- Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed Abdul Khalek.

- Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud.

- Ashraf Ahmed Osman.

- Saad Amin Saad Mackee.

- Abdul Rahman Gad Al-Rab Mohamed.

- Hassaan Mohamed Mahmoud.

- Mostafa Hosni Salama.

- Islam Ahmed Ibrahim.

- Said Rajab Shalaqani.

- Hamada Mohamed Nour.

- Mohamed Mohamed Fathi.

- Mohamed Abdul Aziz Zeidan.

- Atiya Sayed Mohamed Abul Ela.

- Yasser Mohamed Abdul Halim.

- Karam Omran Abdul Rahman.

- Rami Sayed Mahmoud.

- Mohamed Abdul Moneim Gomaah.

- Abd Al-Rahman Ramadan Shahin.

- Mahmoud Fathi Salem.

- Ahmed Bindari Ibrahim.

- Ahmed Al Shazli Abdul Gawaad.

- Osama Mostafa Abdul Wahab.

- Mohamed Ibrahim Al Tahhan.

- Ahmed Al Tayyeb Mohamed.

- Ahmed Mohamed Abdul Raouf.

- Mohamed Gamal Kamel.

- Amr Abu Sreeh Hussein.

- Ahmed Mohamed Abdul Ma’bood.