MB offshoot in Jordan slams authorities continued interference
MB offshoot in Jordan slams authorities continued interference
Saturday, May 1,2010 19:05

 The Muslim Brotherhood's offshoot leader referred to the latest intervention by authorities in collaboration with the Hashemite University 's administration in students' affairs as inappropriate. Modifications to the candidacy criteria for the student council elections were implemented in an effort to reduce the impact of political parties on student life. The universities administration claimed that the amendments came as part of an overall strategy to overcome the effects of 'tribalism' on university campuses. Students had called for the boycotting of elections if the changes were made


 According to several students belonging to the Islamic action front, who participated in a two hour sit in at the main gate of the Ministry of Political Development, the new criteria for the elections will prevent the participation of more than 70 students who are affiliated to opposition political parties and blocs. Saed described the intercession as disregarding the will of the students and restricting public freedoms


He called on those responsible to intervene and allow students to make their own choices during the elections which will ultimately prepare them for the real world encouraging them to freely express and call for their rights without intervention from higher authorities