Sharqiya MB Preacher Sayed Siddik Arrested
Sharqiya MB Preacher Sayed Siddik Arrested
Sunday, February 11,2007 00:00

The State Security Police arrested last Friday at dawn the preacher Said Siddik, a secondary school teacher and a Muslim Brotherhood (MB) preacher in the governorate of Sharqiya, north of Cairo.
Siddik is a reputed MB preacher who delivers a religious lesson every Tuesday in Al-Imam mosque in the city of Fakous. He gave a lecture in which he criticized the constitutional amendments, which may be a possible reason for arresting him.
Siddik appeared before the prosecution on Saturday within framework of a nationwide crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood whose parliamentarians account for 20% of the seats in the People’s Assembly and oppose the proposed constitutional amendments that increase the regime’s repressions to freedoms.
This raises to 30 the number of those Muslim Brotherhood detainees from Sharqiya Governorate, while the prosecution prolonged the detention of Mr. Mohamed Al Zayyat who owns Da’wa book store in Fakous for 15 more days pending investigation- he is now in Zagazig public prison, and imprisoned Mr. Reda Hamed Al Sawi Mohamed- an imam and preacher in the village of Akiad, Fakous, for 15 days.