Police clash with activists as opposition unite with MB call for reform
Police clash with activists as opposition unite with MB call for reform
Tuesday, May 4,2010 02:00

 The march had been initiated by MP's from Egypt's strongest opposition group the Muslim Brotherhood, and included many participants who collaborated in their call for political reform.

Police surrounded the demonstrators in an attempt to ban them from reaching their destination and clashes broke out when the activists tried to breakthrough the police cordon. Baton wielding police forces thrashed out at the activists and beat them.
Although permits for the march were denied by the Interior Ministry, activists carried out their plan as leaders united with them hoping to pressure the government to conduct free, fair and transparent elections. Current restrictions make nominations nearly impossible and the presidential elections will certainly prove to be a farce if changes are not made.
MB MP's had initially submitted requests demanding the lift of the 'Emergency Law', which had been imposed and implemented since Mubarak's coming into power over 30 years ago. The emergency law has made it difficult for opposition groups to rally but tolerance has taken its toll as Egyptians have engaged in strikes and rallies to condemn, criticize, protest and object to the ruling regime's tyranny and oppressive measures.
Nerves are frayed as the government has illustrated its inability to conform to democracy or to maintain stability. With the upcoming elections, opposition groups have been holding discussions and numerous groups have avowed to unite with the MB call for constitutional amendments of articles 76, 77 and 88.
Mubarak 81, who has not shown signs of giving up his post without a fight, has utilized the security apparatus to arrest and detain protestors in a message to intimidate opposition. Speculation has it that he may be grooming his son Gamal for power. Opposition object to the handing over of power, stressing that Gamal must follow the legitimate channels for candidacy just like other citizens.
The protest which included all of Egypt's opposition representatives, from differing political spectrums, had gathered with the intention to express simply, calmly and civilly, that Egypt's people stand united against emergency laws, low wages, the bequeathing of power, and unjust arrests and detentions. The people will no longer accept the tyranny and oppression of the ruling regime.