Settlers occupy Palestinian home in OJ
Settlers occupy Palestinian home in OJ
Tuesday, May 4,2010 12:04

Zionist settlers occupied a Palestinian home in Beit Safafa, south of occupied Jerusalem, on Sunday night with the full protection of Israeli occupation police.

Local sources said that the settlers and the policemen assaulted the landlord and his family before seizing his house and raising the Israeli flags over it.

Settlers reveled in the house's main yard while Israeli policemen prevented the house owners from protesting and ordered them to leave the neighborhood.

Mohammed Ibrahim Salah, the landlord's son, said that his aging parents came to his house, adding that the settlers' action might be the first step toward seizing all his family's homes in the area and thus render 40 of his family members homeless.

The Salah family received a court order to pay a fine of around 15,000 dollars for not evacuating their home.