IOA threatens detainee Ibrahim Hamed with perpetual isolation
IOA threatens detainee Ibrahim Hamed with perpetual isolation
Tuesday, May 4,2010 12:26

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has threatened Palestinian prisoner Ibrahim Hamed with perpetual isolation in captivity for "posing a threat to Israeli security."

The Palestinian prisoner's association on Sunday quoted Hamed as telling his lawyer during a visit that the IOA told him he would spend the rest of his life in solitary confinement.

Hamed said that he was never held in ordinary wards but was rather held in an isolation cell ever since his interrogation began at the orders of the Israeli intelligence. He said that he was also deprived of family visits.

Hamed, who is facing several life sentences, said that he was suffering a backache and pain in his legs in addition to breathing difficulty, noting that the high humidity and putrefaction in the isolation cell doubled his suffering.

He said that six other prisoners were held in the Ramle isolation the oldest was Mohammed Issa who has been in custody since 1993 and has been in isolation for 8 years.

Meanwhile, the higher, national committee for support of prisoners in Gaza said that many Arab and European parliaments and institutions had promised to internationalize the question of Palestinian prisoners and to highlight their suffering in Israeli occupation jails.

The committee in a statement on Sunday said that the Arab parliamentary union, the transitional Arab parliament, the international parliamentary union, the European parliament, the Arab League, the organization of Islamic conference, and Palestinian communities in Europe, had all pledged to internationalize this issue.

It added that that the solidarity rallies would escalate until all prisoners were freed.