MB leaders ill after 3 day hunger strike
MB leaders ill after 3 day hunger strike
Thursday, May 6,2010 07:49

The men were hauled in by police after they were stopped at a checkpoint upon entering Damanhour in the Beheira governorate. The detainees protested to measures used against them during investigations, maintaining that they were treated like registered criminals. They denied charges leveled against them by the public prosecutor, and deplored the implementing of the 'emergency law' against political opposition, in particularly members of the MB. They rejected security's raids and violations on their homes and families after their arrests. Both have been issued with a 15 day jail sentence and transferred to Borg El-Arab prison.

Attorney general Yaser Zaki ordered the immediate medical examination, stressing that he be provided with the results straight away.

An appeal has been filed to the Misdemeanor's court in Damanhour, calling for their immediate and unconditional release.