Egyptian state security electrocuted Abu Zuhri
Egyptian state security electrocuted Abu Zuhri
Sunday, May 9,2010 16:38

Yousef Abu Zuhri, the brother of Hamas's spokesman in Gaza Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, has been killed in the Egyptian state security jails as a result of repeated, severe electric shocks, one of the released Palestinian detainees from Egyptian jails said.

Quds Press on Saturday quoted the former detainee, who wished to remain anonymous, as saying that he and a group of Palestinian detainees held in Egyptian jails were subjected to severe torture rounds.

He added that the Egyptian state security wanted to obtain information on the resistance's infrastructure and means of arming Hamas.

He said that heard the screams of Yousef Abu Zuhri while repeatedly being subjected to electric shocks and that he died as a result, noting that his body was transferred to hospital only few days after his death so that his body would decompose and would be hard to dissect in order to know the exact cause of death.

The former detainee said that Hamas and Islamic Jihad detainees are still tortured to obtain the same information, adding that Ayman Nofal, one of Hamas's leaders, was subjected to severe torture rounds for the same purpose.

Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri had voiced doubts over the Egyptian version of what happened to his brother and accused the Egyptian authorities of killing him. The Egyptian authorities claimed that Yousef Abu Zuhri died of natural causes.