MB trial starts with members in absentia
MB trial starts with members in absentia
Sunday, May 9,2010 23:57


The group who are abroad have been charged with funding the so-called, banned Muslim Brotherhood organization through donations collected abroad.


The 3 Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leaders who have been charged include Ibrahim Munir, Ashraf Abdul Ghafar and preacher Wagdy Ghoneim will be tried in absentia since they are abroad.


The Muslim Brotherhood who enjoy wide popularity both in Egypt and abroad have been targeted by the ruling regime in attempts to tarnish their image with continued hosts of false accusations. The case known as 'the international network' in which the MB's have been illegitimately charged have received numerous acquittals as no ground evidence was found. Emergency Laws imposed since 1981, have given state security mandate to haul in political activists without warrants and to detain the group's members indefinitely.


The continued vendetta aimed at the MB has been criticised by International rights groups who slammed the use of the emergency courts set up. The MB's defense team in Egypt, has asserted that they will contest the charges which have been concocted without grounds.